In a constantly evolving construction environment, the Basalt USA Engineering team is continually monitoring the regulatory environment and working with construction materials experts, specifiers and transportation officials to develop resources for our customers and potential users of basalt fiber reinforced polymers. Please contact our team if you have any questions about the resources listed here.

Quality & Certifications

Cognizant of the paramount significance of quality, reliability, and industry adherence, our commitment at Basalt Engineering is unwavering when it comes to the production and provision of superior basalt fiber rebar solutions. We take immense pride in our relentless pursuit of excellence, adhering to stringent quality control measures and industry standards to ensure that our products consistently meet and surpass expectations. With an unwavering dedication to precision engineering and sustainable manufacturing practices, we have secured certifications and quality assurances that underscore our pledge to deliver the highest caliber basalt fiber rebar to the construction industryBelow are a just a few of the certifications that we have achieved thus far:


Handling, Safety, and Installation

This guideline document outlines best practices when handling Basalt Engineering BASTECH (BFRP) rebar.

Product Specifications

This is the Product Guide Specification for BASTECH basalt fiber reinforced polymer rebar (BFRP Rebar) in CSI format.

ICC-ESR 4648 Study

This document is the International Code Council Evaluation Service report on BASTECH BFRP rebar.

UK Lifecycle Analysis Study

This research study by Kingston University Department of Civil Engineering evaluates the environmental impact of BFRP reinforcing bars using a Lifecycle Analysis Approach.


This document is the BASTECH Basalt FRP Rebar brochure, including the BASTECH Rebar Data Sheet.

BASTECH USA Tilt-Up Brochure

This document describes the benefits of using BFRP for the tilt-up industry, detailing construction of a 63,000 sq. ft. office facility with 75 tilt-up panels.


The BASTECH® Grid Builder is a simple step-by-step wizard that calculates the precise amount of BASTECH® BFRP rebar required to create and assemble your grid.

The grid builder supports calculating rebar take-offs for square or rectangle shaped concrete slabs.  It also supports different on-center spacing values for width and height.

Reduce labor costs and eliminate waste with the BASTECH Grid Builder. Simply fill in your project’s details, click “Calculate” and the Grid Builder will determine your rebar needs. Then, click to “Request a Quote.”