As the leading manufacturer of basalt rebar in the U.S., Basalt Engineering is committed to revolutionizing the construction industry through innovative solutions that enhance the durability, sustainability, and efficiency of concrete construction. Basalt rebar, derived from volcanic rock, offers a multitude of benefits across a wide range of applications, including precast products, slab on grade projects, tilt-up walls, Department of Transportation (DOT) projects, toll expressways, data centers, and Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) homes.

With its exceptional strength, durability, and sustainability, basalt rebar is reshaping the future of construction, enabling the creation of resilient infrastructure that meets the evolving needs of our society.

Precast Products

Basalt rebar reinforces precast products with unparalleled strength and durability. Its high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion make it an ideal choice for enhancing the structural integrity of precast elements such as beams, columns and panels. By incorporating basalt rebar, precast manufacturers can produce longer lasting and more resilient products that withstand harsh environmental conditions and heavy loads, ultimately reducing maintenance costs and ensuring superior performance over time. 

Slab on Grade

In slab on grade projects, where the foundation is directly poured onto the ground, basalt rebar offers superior reinforcement compared to traditional steel rebar. Its lightweight nature simplifies handling and installation, while its non-corrosive properties ensure long-term durability, even in soil with high moisture content. By using basalt rebar in slab on grade construction, contractors can achieve stronger and more crack-resistant foundations, mitigating the risk of structural damage and costly repairs in the future. 

Tilt-Up Wall Projects

Basalt rebar is revolutionizing tilt-up wall construction by providing an alternative to conventional steel reinforcement. Its high modulus of elasticity and excellent adhesion to concrete results in stronger, more resilient walls that can withstand seismic activity and environmental stresses. Additionally, the non-conductive nature of basalt rebar eliminates the risk of electromagnetic interference, making it an ideal choice for buildings housing sensitive electronic equipment. 

Department of Transportation Projects

DOT projects demand materials that can withstand heavy traffic loads, deicing chemicals, and exposure to harsh environmental conditions. Basalt rebar meets these requirements with its superior strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. Whether used in bridges, highways or retaining walls, basalt rebar enhances the structural integrity of transportation infrastructure, prolonging service life and reducing maintenance costs for state and local authorities. 

Toll Expressways

The rigorous demands of toll expressways necessitate materials that can withstand constant heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions. Basalt rebar excels in this regard, offering exceptional tensile strength and resistance to chemical corrosion. By incorporating basalt rebar into toll expressway construction, project managers can ensure the longevity and reliability of critical infrastructure, minimizing downtime and enhancing safety for motorists. 

Data Centers

Data centers require robust infrastructure to support the weight of equipment and ensure uninterrupted operation. Basalt rebar provides the strength and resilience needed to reinforce concrete floors and foundations in these facilities. Its non-magnetic properties also make it ideal for environments sensitive to electromagnetic interference, safeguarding the integrity of electronic systems and data processing equipment. 

ICF Homes

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) homes offer energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction solutions. Basalt rebar complements the sustainability of ICF construction by providing reinforcement that is both strong and eco-friendly. Its corrosion resistance ensures the structural integrity of ICF walls, while its lightweight nature simplifies construction and reduces labor costs. By incorporating basalt rebar into ICF homes, builders can create resilient structures that offer long-term energy savings and comfort for homeowners. 

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