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The Basalt Advantage


“Using basalt rebar streamlined our tilt-up wall construction process, offering exceptional ease of use compared to steel rebar. Its lighter weight, easy handling, and resistance to corrosion have translated into substantial labor savings, allowing us to achieve efficiency without compromising on structural strength.”

Brian Pratt
COO, McGarvey Development Company

“Transitioning from other FRPs to BASTECH rebar has been a game-changer for us in terms of ease of handling. BASTECH’s durability and high-quality exterior have simplified our installation, compared to other FRP rebars. This has streamlined our construction procedures, allowing for smoother, faster, and more efficient installations, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of our projects.”

Mike Hanes
Owner, Homes American Made

“Basalt rebar offers exceptional durability with non-corrosive properties, making it ideal for long-term exposure in various environments. Its resistance to rust ensures structural integrity, while the ease of cutting with a hammer drill enhances installation efficiency, providing a reliable and efficient solution for our septic and underground utility products.”

Austin Wieser
Precast Plant Manager, Wieser Concrete Products

What is Basalt?

An abundant natural resource, basalt is a hard, black volcanic rock, rich in magnesium and iron. It is the most common type of rock in the earth’s crust and used in various construction applications throughout the world.  

Our Products


BASTECH® rebar offers non-metallic concrete reinforcement rods made from basalt fibers, available in various lengths and standard diameters ranging from #2 to #8, (sizes from 1/4” (6mm) to 1” (25mm)) in diameter. Additionally, custom lengths and diameters can be accommodated to suit specific project requirements.


BASTECH® Geogrid Mesh, produced through our extrusion process, offers high tensile strength and durability for diverse construction needs. From soil stabilization to concrete reinforcement, its versatility makes it ideal for projects ranging from roadways and embankments to bridge decks and airport runways.

Chopped Fiber

Like our rebar and grids, BASTECH® chopped fibers derive from basalt rock that has been melted and extruded into fibers. These thin fibers are chopped into short lengths to create BASTECH® Chopped Fiber material that can be added to the concrete mix. Our chopped fibers are relatively small, enabling them to disperse evenly throughout the concrete mixture.


Basalt Engineering works with our customers to provide custom shapes and bends using our state-of-the art manufacturing equipment. These shapes coordinate with our BASTECH straight rebar products to enable engineers, designers and specifiers to design and build structures that meet reinforcement specifications for all types of applications and are particularly useful for precast concrete manufacturing.


Basalt Engineering manufactures Bastech, a suite of superior-quality basalt fiber concrete reinforcement products. We are committed to advancing infrastructure development globally while prioritizing environmental sustainability with eco-friendly reinforcement solutions that significantly reduce the carbon footprint in construction.


Slab on Grade

BASTECH® reinforcement is particularly effective in environments where sea water, deicing chemicals or other corrosion-inducing conditions exist. Public works such as roads and bridges, commercial projects such as parking lots and residential applications such as swimming pools can be long-lasting and sustainable with BASTECH®.


Basalt rebar is a game-changer in the tilt-up construction sector. Lighter, stronger and more efficient than steel reinforcement, BASTECH® produces stronger walls. It is also non-conductive, eliminating the risk of electromagnetic interference, making it an ideal choice for buildings housing sensitive electronic equipment.


Precast products reinforced with BASTECH® rebar and grids have unparalleled strength and durability. BASTECH’s high tensile strength and corrosion resistance make it an ideal choice for enhancing the structural integrity of precast elements such as beams, columns and panels. Basalt rebar’s sustainable properties also make it ideal for green building projects.


BASTECH® is the ideal choice for DOT projects. Made in America and offering superior strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, BASTECH® reinforcement results in concrete that withstands heavy traffic, deicing chemicals and harsh environmental conditions. From bridges to highways, basalt-reinforced concrete increases infrastructure service life while reducing maintenance costs for state and local authorities.

Up Your Reinforcement Game

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