Tilt-Up Wall Project

We recently completed a very successful Tilt-Up Wall project in southwest Florida using our BASTECH® basalt fiber reinforced polymer (BFRP) rebar.  We replaced all of the steel rebar in the panels with our BFRP rebar, with the exception of the stirrups.

Project Overview

  • 63,000 Square Feet Office Facility

  • 75 Panels on average 20’ x 24‘

  • Originally design with standard steel rebar

  • Basalt Engineering provided revised calculations and details

Project Results

  • No learning curve for in the field employees

  • Reduced rebar installation cost by 50% for first time user

  • Completed rebar installation in half the time with half the people

  • Panels were lighter resulting in faster crane placement

  • Under 25 Tons of Basalt rebar versus over 75 Tons of Steel rebar