BASTECH Basalt Rebar #4(13mm), 8' Lengths, Bundle of 8

Basalt Rebar Size #4(13mm), Length 9′ and in a bundle of 10 bars.



Note: We only sell #4 rebar in bundles of 8 pieces with the maximum of 8 feet in length (FedEx max shipping length).  64 Linear Feet Total per Bundle.

Our rebar is sourced and manufactured completely in the US.  It’s 5 times lighter and 2.5 times stronger than steel concrete reinforcement.  The product is made from basalt volcanic rock and epoxy resin, it does not rust or conduct electricity, which means it’s great for use in aggressive environments where moisture, corrosion, or electrical interference is a concern.

Why is basalt rebar reinforcement a great alternative to steel and fiberglass for reinforcing concrete?

Cost Savings

  • Reduce Material Transportation Cost
    • Assuming a 22 ton truck load of #3×20′, total number of Steel #3 bars is ~5,800 vs. ~19,500 Basalt FRP #3 bars.  This is over a 3x savings in material freight cost.
  • Reduce Concrete Cover Cost
    • Allows for thinner, lighter panels and decks.  Basalt FRP rebar reduces the thickness and spacing between the rods, the concrete, and surface. Much more flexible design with less coverage.
  • Reduce Precast Production Time and Material Cost
    • We can produced orders specifically tailored to your precast application, reducing production time and waste.
    • Specify your precast products bends and shapes and we will deliver them ready for use.
  • Reduce Labor Costs
    • Much lighter than steel, 5x lighter! One man can easily lift a 100 meter / 328 foot coil or a 20′ by 10′ grid of #3 Basalt FRP Rebar  – See the attached gif image.
  • Reduce Additive Costs
    • Basalt RFP Rebar is non corrosive, so there is no need for corrosion inhibiting concrete additives.
  • Reduce Recycling Cost
    • Basalt FRP Rebar can be crushed when recycling precast products, you don’t have to separately remove the rebar during the recycling process.

And Don’t Forget, Basalt Is Better For The Environment

  • Natural and Stronger
    • Made from basalt volcanic rock, basalt FRP rebar is tougher and stronger than steel with a higher tensile strength, (i.e. 2.5x higher)
  • Non-Corrosive
    • Basalt rebar is naturally resistant to alkali, rust and acids. Moisture penetration from concrete does not spall. No special coating like fiberglass rods.
    • Basalt FRP rebar reinforcement is perfect for Marine environments and Chemical plants where corrosion is a continuous concern.
  • Is Non-Conductive
    • Basalt FRP rebar does not conduct electricity or induce fields when exposed to RF energy, great for MRI or data buildings.
  • Eco Friendly and Sustainable
    • The production of basalt rebar is eco friendly as compared to steel and fiberglass rods with a 60% smaller carbon footprint than steel, and is very sustainable with 100 year lifecycle.

Additional information

Weight 12.67 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 5 × 5 in


Weight Comparison

1 ton of basalt rebar = 9.6 tons of steel rebar


9 linear feet Per Bar

Diameter (in)

.500 inches

Nominal Diameter (mm)


"Soft" Metric Size


Imperial Bar Size


Tensile Strength



1.9 g/cm3

Corrosion Resistance


Electrical Conductivity


Magnetic Feature


Embodied Carbon

60% less than steel


Life span close to 100 years